Scissors Cut Paper

Another 2 weeks, another 10 random pieces on sale. Not only that, but I just lowered all our prices across the board. Now ain’t I good to you? This week’s selection sees a little old, a little newish, some recently rediscovered gems and a whole lot of goodness gracious. Get ’em while they’re hot (right up until midnight GMT April 15th that is):

BH17 $62.00 $40.30

BH23 $62.00 $40.30

BB41 $44.00 $28.60

BB99 $42.00 $27.30

BL37 $62.00 $40.30

ZX67 $42.00 $27.30

BB32 $44.00 $28.60

BD33 $44.00 $28.60

BH27 $62.00 $40.30

BL40 $62.00 $40.30

I also just finished up everything with the latest sewn garments. All of the new pieces have been photographed, archived and prepared for release. Some of these may wait a while before I unleash them. I’m hoping to do a bit of marketing in tandem with that, as I’m pretty excited about the direction some of the new stuff is taking. In the meantime, you can go see a whole wack of new designs I just posted up in the visualiser . While you’re at it, register with the fan club so you can start saving your favorite visualiser creations as well as view and vote on others. Democracy, gang. And ice cream.

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