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Sorry for the long wait between posts folks. There’s really no excuse except for the fact that I am a brilliant and tortured arteest with a lot of existential angst. That’s what I’m going with anyway.

You still have a week left to get the current featured pieces at a 35% discount. This time around I decided to make a bunch of jackets, hoodies and sweaters available. With this discount you can get some of these items for $40 or more off! But only until midnight GMT March 31st. Here are the current featured products (click the shirt image to see more):

CP15 $82 $53.30

CP28 $122 $79.30

CP35 $122 $79.30

BM13 $98 $63.70

CP31 $128 $83.20

CP21 $98 $63.70

BL3 $128 $83.20

CP13 $128 $83.20

CP16 $122 $79.30

BL29 $128 $83.20

I just finished sewing 20 brand new pieces, and I’m super excited about every last one of them. So far I’ve only posted one, the Don’t Do It Ditko large crewneck (which is also, see above, on sale until the 31st), but there will be more to follow soon. For now I’ll be turning the “all-seeing eye” towards finishing up some fun side projects that have been waiting in the wings for far too long: the first batch of ZBQ underwear in many moons, some funky throw pillows for your couch, ZBQ sew-on patches, stickers, buttons and more. Rock beats scissors.

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