Shirt of the day: Spireal Stares XL baseball shirt! AD28

Welcome to a new feature on the site- the shirt of the day. We just finished a new batch of shirts last week, and just before we posted them all up online, we thought that it might be nice to instead just release one shirt every day. Kind of keep you in suspense a little more, and make things a little more interesting. So presenting today’s shirt of the day: Spireal Stares on a blue baseball shirt. Shirt AD28.

     You asked us for bigger shirts, and we listened- this is the biggest custom sewn shirt we have done yet. 44 inch chest and 28 inch height, or approximately equivalent to a men’s XL. Click the image to go to our Etsy store and get a closer look! And keep checking back- we’ve got over 30 new shirts to post, so there will be something new going up every day in August, and hopefully by the time we get to the end of this batch there will be even more new shirts waiting in the wings. Love is the drug!

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