Beware the Ides of March, or Something

I just posted 2 new shirts AND the latest sale collection on the same night. O what a busy Canadian beaver am I. Both shirts are older pieces that received new prints.

BD 91 Freres Bleu large blue ringer
A ringer that was originally sewn as part of batch BD back in 2017 or 2018, brought back to life with a new unique print.
posted Feb 28, 2023


BD 14 Into the Bardot medium ladies baseball shirt
This baseball shirt has a hand painted pattern on the front in the form of the dripping splattered stripes and was originally created in 2014. Mash-up print was added last month, and I tend to think it improves it.
posted Feb 28, 2023

So yeah, there are also 10 pieces up for sale on the home page , but I can’t be arsed talking about them here. Just go look for yourself . 10 pieces available for 35% off until midnight on March 15th. It’s a good deal.

Been sewing a lot lately. I love it but it is incredibly tedious and time-consuming, requiring almost infinite reserves of patience. But it’s so rewarding. I just mastered the bomber jacket collar, so watch for those this year. I will be releasing stuff piecemeal in the coming months, but you’re going to have to be patient. Then again, if you want a sneak peek of all my latest stuff before it goes live to the public, you should really consider joining the fan club – I’m planning to send out the first newsletter sometime this month and I’m going to have all kinds of goodies in there as well as some noice discount codes. The rest of you suckers will just have to wait.

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