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new shirts! hot damn.

i always get a little excited when i post brand new shirt designs. this shirt in particular, however, i am quite worked up about: it was created by one of halifax’s most well-known and productive graffitti artists, deza, and is kind of a landmark print for us. fast times is the widest print we’ve ever done on a t-shirt- in fact, in order to print it, we actually had to physically cut the shirts, print them, then get a tailor to sew them back together. the result is a freakshow print that wraps from the front to the back and must be seen to be believed:

much props to mr. dezzy-dez for such a sick piece of artwork, and here’s hoping we see more from him in the not-too-distant future!

as if that weren’t enough excitement for one day, i also found time to post some new deadphones shirts in prep school . being well-dressed was never so much fun:

so my computer shit the bed on the weekend- not sure if it was a virus or what, but it suddenly decided to stop booting up. after much wrangling and wrestling, i was forced to reinstall windows and consequently lost all of my e-mail from the last several months (soooo awesome). as a result, if you had written me recently there’s a good chance i wasn’t able to get back to you, and that’s precisely why. specifically there was one guy that wrote me about featuring zbq in a california-based magazine: if you’re out there, please write me back !!!

haven’t seen the last BSG yet as my computer woes took up most of my time & energy this weekend, and i haven’t seen the watchmen yet either. heading to the imax at some point this week to check that out for sure!! i’ll report back on both when i get a chance. happy daylight savings day and keep it real kids!

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