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mr. dandy interviewee

i’m a raging egomaniac, so i love getting interviewed. it gives me something to read when i need to remind myself how truly great i am. once in a while other people notice. this week it’s alan from one of my favorite t-shirt blogs, the t-shirt review . he sent me some really interesting questions, and i answered those questions with mind-numbing verve and vigour. to read the interview and bask in my glory click here .

seriously though, i’m generally a pretty humble guy. in fact, i’m great at being humble- much better than you, i’m sure.


so i’ve been wrestling all week with this bloody shitbox of a computer, but in the last 2 days i finally 1) got my printer working again and 2) got the sound working (though it took buying another sound card). consequently, i’m finally able to get caught up on the last 2 weeks of battlestar galactica before the big series finale on friday. actually, i only have one more episode to watch, which i plan on doing right after i post this blog. excited but sad to see the series go. however, it’s good to end things on a high note- how long could they have realistically dragged the storyline on for? friday should be a doozy.

and no, i haven’t seen watchmen yet- hoping to tomorrow- but yesterday i finally got out to see the 3-d version of coraline , which is just a superb movie in every way imaginable. you should see it while it’s still in theatres if you have any appreciation for excellence. i was pretty impressed with the 3-d too- it’s the first of the “new 3-d” movies i’ve seen, and it was very well done.

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