speaking of t-shirts (and such)…

just posted some speaking of shirts to the database- everything you see is in stock and available for immediate, free, shipping anywhere in the world. in stock shirts always go in the mail within 24 hours- often much quicker.

so you may have noticed i didn’t put up a “shirt of the week” this week. that’s because i’m working on a new print that i really wanted to put up next, but it’s taking a little longer than expected. plus i’m just getting caught up with printing the last batch of pre-ordered shirts (that being krushbot – and there should be some of those going up on the site within a day or 2 as well). when i decided to do this pre-order thing again, i said i wouldn’t allow myself to fall behind- so if that means there are some weeks when nothing is available for pre-order, then so be it. keeps things a little more interesting, anyway. i should have something new for you by the weekend, so keep your eyes peeled.

loving the new shop! if you’re in halifax come by and say hi- we’re at 2823 isleville (one street west of agricola, just north of almon). we don’t have the store set up yet, but it should be some time before the end of may. i’ll post some pictures here when the place is looking a little more presentable…..getting some contest entries so i will see about announcing a winner by the weekend as well. get a crack at a free shirt, folks- you’ll find the contest on the right hand side of the blog (or possibly on the bottom if you’re on a low res monitor). peace out and talk soon.

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