more pics of cute li’l krystle wearing her MJQ (yellow) shirt posted this evening. more to come.

if you haven’t seen vbs tv yet, first of all you have no idea of what you’re missing out on. secondly i am incredibly jealous of you because now you get to discover all of the amazing programs this online tv station, run by vice magazine , has to offer. it will consume your life and you’ll never want to turn your television on again. well, my favorite show on vbs is definitely art talk , which as its title suggests explores the world of art and gives a lot of insight into the creative process of some of today’s most brilliant artists. it may actually inspire you to want to create your own art, which i find it has done for me several times.

working on a brand new design, the print is kind of complex but i’m hoping to have them finished and posted hopefully by this time next week. yip!

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