ATAK of the killer t-shirts

so i was hoping to post a brand new shirt today and i spent the morning trying to print a prototype. but, as so often happens with screen printing, the print wasn’t really working as planned, so now it’s “back to the drawing board” and hopefully we’ll get it done next week. so in the meantime, i thought i’d make another print available for pre-order ’til then. robin antiga’s ATAK is one of the older prints we’ve done on shirts, going back to about 2004, and is still one of my favorites.

and just to keep things interesting, i’m also making another color variation available as well: ATAK (red) .

these shirts will be available for pre-order on any size, color or style of your choice, and at a $3 discount, until midnight may 15th. after this run we’ll probably be cleaning out the screens, so there’s a good chance it won’t be printed again for a long time. you have been warned!!

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