dolla dolla coin y’all….

good day, kidlets! i’m happy to announce that at long last, we now have a working affiliate program on this web site. i attempted something like this a few years ago, but it wasn’t very well designed. this is simple and robust- no forms to fill out or personal information to divulge. you simply add your email on to the end of a URL, and when anyone who follows that link buys something from this site (even if it’s weeks or months from now), you instantly get an e-mail notification and, if you have paypal, get paid $5 within 24 hours!! if you have a very popular blog or web site, lots of friends online or even if you just want to save $5 on your next order, you should really consider giving it a test run. go take a peak and see if it’s for you.

and to help you in your moneymaking efforts, i’ve posted a ton of new zbq banners and links for you to use. so go nuts.

but that’s not all the good news i have today- aw no. i’ve also completed the new zbq shopping cart, which i think is a bit friendlier than the paypal cart. it allows you to monitor the contents of your cart without leaving the site, add or remove items very easily, plus you get a cool 4% discount for each additional item you add. order 4 shirts and save 12%, order 8 shirts and save 28%. order 12 shirts or more and you automatically get the wholesale rate, which is nearly half price! you can’t really beat it with a stick, especially when you consider that shipping is still (and will remain) absolutely free for any and all customers, ad infinitum. damn we rule.

as if that weren’t enough excitement for one day, there’s a new “pre-order” shirt of the week up today: crushR is yet another wrestler-themed shirt of awesomeness. available on your choice of style, color and size, at $3 off our regular price, until midnight june 1st.

wowzers! more to come. get it in ya.

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