to boldly go….

it’s the number 1 flick in north america right now, so i’m sure i don’t need to tell you how FREAKING AMAZING the new star trek movie is, but just in case: THE NEW STAR TREK MOVIE IS F**CKING INCREDIBLE!! as a kid who grew up watching the original series and was disappointed by the tepid bland pablum of “the next generation” and all of the other namby-pamby series that followed it, this movie was a breath of fresh air and a true return to everything that made star trek great in the first place. captain kirk hitting on everything that walks, shit blowing up left and right, crew members in mini-skirts and bad scottish accents- it’s all here, and so much more. well-written, well-cast, and extremely well-executed. if you haven’t seen it yet, you need to- now. i know i will be again. hoot!

and just because, here’s another set of nico stinghe’s awesome photographs. nico will hopefully be shooting the new zbq catalogue later this year, and the next new shirt design is also based on one of his photos. did i mention that i like his stuff? well i do. yes, i think i do.


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