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okay, now i remember why i never have contests…..no one freakin’ enters them. how do you expect to win anything if you don’t take 30 seconds to enter? that being said, we did at least get 3 people off their lazy duffs long enough to string a few letters on their keyboards together to answer our current ongoing contest question, which is “what can we do to improve this site?”. and here they are……

different backgrounds with each new refresh -javier

have a section for underwear, boy and girl underwear, and different styles as well -micah baker

put up more sexy women(: -saul

ok, so those are all good. i think having different backgrounds with each refresh is a neat idea, but might get very distracting. the undies are already on the way, in fact i’m going to be working on those next week. and i’m also working on getting a lot more pictures of sexy women very soon- that’s always a nice perk, if you’ll excuse the term. so anyway, i’m going to give the free shirt to saul, because he used a smily. no other reason really, it’s pretty arbitrary. don’t like it? well, enter the damn contest yourself, or if you’re that much of a wussbag get your mom to do it for you.

so, only about 24 hours left to pre-order ATAK , then i’ll be posting an entirely new shirt design early on saturday morning. ’til then amigos…….

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