so say we all

so- it’s really all over. hard to believe. i have to say, the final episode of battlestar galactica, by far my favorite tv show over the last few years, was a little disappointing. not a lot, just a little. maybe i’ve just come to expect a constant struggle- neverending conflict, pain, pathos and misery- from bsg. in that regard, the first half of the episode certainly didn’t disappoint. but then the second half was all about resolution, joy, life and finding destiny- boooring. don’t get me wrong, i’m very glad things ended the way they did. i just felt it was a little clumsy, there were still many unanswered questions (what they hell was kara? i guess we’ll never know) and many of the questions that were answered were done so i felt in a very haphazard way. but overall the producers did an admirable job of tying the whole 4 years together, and i thought the way they brought in the subtle commentary at the end about the direction of our modern world was well done as well. i guess i just…..frakk it, i just wish it wasn’t over. i’m going to go cry in my ambrosia now.

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