$12 shirt sale and a new pre-order shirt too!

so how do you like the new site reno? i spent many late nights this past week & a half working on it, so i hope it pleases you. things have been simplified quite a lot- i think you’ll find the store loads a lot quicker and the layout is a lot less confusing. but that’s not the only good news…..

first off, all shirts have been marked down to only $12, including ladies’ tees. these prices will stay in effect through december. everything ordered up to december 10th will ship in time for christmas. shipping is free for your second shirt, and free for your whole order if you order 7 shirts or more!

it’s pre-order time again! i’m happy to announce that we’re doing a run of every color variation we have ever done of killbots , including 2 new variations never to be seen again: limebots and, how could i resist, xmasbots . they’re joined by their little robotic friends killbots 2 , killbots (red & grey) , icebots , grisbots and pinkbots . the pre-order ends on december 3rd!!!

i hope to be doing a lot more crazy color variations of many of your favorite prints, as well as a lot of new ones, in the new year. so keep your eyes on this space.

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