new prints for june

june is a nice month. why can’t it be june all the time? there ought to be a law.

as threatened, june 9th has come and gone and so have the 9 prints that were available for order- in the zbq vault for at least 6 months. but in their place i bring you 9 other morsels of deliciousness for your amygdala to fillibrate.

what if you threw a contest and noone came? a few days ago i posted a contest looking for help in naming this next print. well, maybe 3 days just wasn’t long enough, because noone took the bait. not wanting to call it “no name”, i decided to name it jade starr because, well, that’s the girl’s name. if you can come up with a better one i’ll still consider changing it and giving you the free shirts! but it better be a good one. thanks to eon mckai for the photo that inspired this design.

i’m happy to have another new print to offer you today: meet duvelle .

the rest of this month’s batch of goodies are a mix of old and new. first up: robin antiga’s 1948 inverse and 1948 blue

another creepy favorite from way back with a new twist: white wasp and white wasp (pink)

proving your vote does count: manko received a lot of votes, so i brought it back. i’ll be watching the vote tallies to decide what to bring back in july.

remember the ghetto princess? yeah, so do i. and i still love her. so here are 2 variations on her loveliness for you: orange princess and pink princess .

new order deadline is july 2nd. happy june!

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