2 new shirts and a bottle o’ rye

howdy and happy thursday evening to you. as promised, i have posted 2 new prints today: wired blind and motherhood (white) . well, newish anyway. motherhood (white) is another variation on motherhood , and wired blind is a variation on jade starr , a la neon yellow.

actually the title for wired blind came from a mister eliza supzsia, way back in the spring when i got off my lazy ass long enough to actually have a contest on this site (a sad situation i hope to remedy post haste- see below). i was trying to come up for a name for what is now called jade starr , so i held a contest. what if you held a contest and nobody came? well that’s exactly what happened. but you know who did come to the party? elias. only elias. and elias was kind and generous enough to provide us with not 1, not 2, but 5 name suggestions: wired blind, deadly glow, silhouette, bright box and comfort inn. unfortunately by this point the deadline had passed so i had settled on jade starr , and damned if i was going to spend 15 minutes going into the database to change the name. but i kept elias’s ideas, and since i decided to use one of them for this new variation of jade, in the spirit of the original contest i have offered him a free shirt. you just better hope he doesn’t choose one of these wired blind shirts: there are only a handful, and since i just washed out several of the screens from that print it’s unlikely to be printed again for a very long time (ditto for jade btw).

and in the spirit of the last contest, i think maybe it’s time for a new one! so let’s see…how about a little treasure hunt? hmmmm……. ok, i want you to find 3 designs in the store that only have one color and one style left. i think there are at least 4 or 5, so it shouldn’t be that hard. the first 3 people to e-mail me a list of these 3 shirt designs will win a shirt of their choice, as long as it’s in stock. remember- people don’t usually bother taking the time to enter these things, so your chances are probably better than you think. although i may have just skewed that a little….

the first batch of zbq rock banners are finished and will be going up on the site within a week or less! and yes undies are still coming, but can’t say for sure whether they’ll be in time for xmush……2 new LOVECATS sets should be going live sometime within the next few days as well…..watch for in stock 11998844 track jackets within 2 weeks or less, in fairly limited numbers…..shirt designs on the backburner at the moment include something from our old friend thesis, halifax legend deza, a few undead flapper girls, alien centerfolds, washed up wrestlers and more giant oversized versions of some of our older classics. in short, 09 is lookin’ busy, son. hop on board.

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