Applique Compositions: Stage 1

I wanted to use this post as a way to try out this new gallery feature I’ve got going on with WordPress. I’m not really sure whether or not I’m going to stick with it, but it’s cool for now. Scroll to the bottom of the page if you want to know more about these images.

So what you’re seeing here are some raw building blocks for what I’m hoping will be a pretty exciting new stage of garment production for ZBQ, in the form of a selection of randomly heat pressed images using the custom screened transfers I made last year. For quite some time now I’ve been getting interested in the potential for creating unique and exciting compositions using custom-made applique. If you don’t know what applique means, it’s essentially just the art of creating custom shaped pieces of fabric and attaching them to other, background pieces to create some kind of picture. So what I’ve been doing is creating a bunch of potential pieces of fabric that be turned into applique and then later made into part of a larger composition. At this point it’s very much a “throw everything at the wall and see what sticks” stage of development. In the interest of clarity I am calling these “applique compositions”, but in the interest of fairness and transparency, I also have yet to start one of these compositions yet so maybe coming up with a fancy name for them is just asking for trouble. Either way, one of the reasons I got this blog going again was so that I could more easily share different stages of the creative process with anyone who may be interested, but also just to archive them for posterity so they can be revisited at a later date. I hope you enjoy.

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