A Boatload of Trouble

Happy Tuesday, one and all. I just posted about 30 new shirts to the database, so there should be a whole lot more eye candy for you to trip through today. I was going to release them slowly, one per day, but a little faerie told me I should just go ahead and put ’em all up at once.


So instead of making you wait for a new shirt every day, I just thought I’d make them all available at once, and then annoy you to death by blogging about a different shirt every day. And now, thanks to my all-new superconvenient instablog (patent pending), I’ll be able to do that in under a minute. And you can too. With one click just highlight the instablog text, a quick ctrl-c and you have an instant blog post complete with picture, information and links. It certainly appeals to my inner lazy bastard, so I thought it might yours as well. As a matter of fact, I’m going to give it a try this afternoon. After I’ve had my 3 hour nap of course………

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